Pentecost, 2015

HolySpirit by Colleen Shay S

The Spirit came with wind and fire,
so we close the windows,
we put in sprinklers and smoke detectors,
we have flame retardents and climate controls . . .
. . . and not just in our homes.

The Spirit came and transcended languages,
so we erected bigger barriers,
we buried our dry bones deeper,
we looked for new places for borders . . .
. . . and fences . . . and guards . . .

Now the Spirit comes in warm places to dry out . . .

Now the Spirit comes in food for hungry mouths . . .
. . . and places to express hungry souls . . .

Now the Spirit comes in places to start over . . .
. . . in hope just beginning when all the money ends . . .
. . . in amazing opportunities met by creative minds . . .

Now the Spirit comes in voices calling people
trapped in their climate control,
trapped in their fire suppression,
trapped in their comfort and privilege,
to accept risk, accept disruption, accept everything that scares them
so Pentecost can come again.

Come, Holy Spirit.


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