Thoughts and Prayers in a Box

I was placing an office supplies order at work and searching through available items to help some of the family members of our hospital patients pass the time while in crisis. I came across a ready-made box titled “Thoughts and Prayers.” What an incredibly handy item to be able to order! I checked the contents: […]


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Pentecost, 2015

The Spirit came with wind and fire, so we close the windows, we put in sprinklers and smoke detectors, we have flame retardents and climate controls . . . . . . and not just in our homes. The Spirit came and transcended languages, so we erected bigger barriers, we buried our dry bones deeper, […]

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Perpetually Under Construction

On Monday I moved into my new office as Director of New Brunswick Theological Seminary’s Reformed Church Center. It is a shared office that I won’t be in much, but it has a window, and is up amongst the faculty offices in the Seminary’s brand-spanking-new building. This is, I think, a marvelous improvement from the […]

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Cinco de Mayo: An Honest Assessment

I spent most of my life surrounded by people more or less “like” me. Of course there are differences in any other seemingly homogenous group and, as a member of that group, one learns just how significant those differences can be. Yet, looking back, my experiences with diversity were relatively limited. The small country church […]

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