Pentecost, 2015

The Spirit came with wind and fire, so we close the windows, we put in sprinklers and smoke detectors, we have flame retardents and climate controls . . . . . . and not just in our homes. The Spirit came and transcended languages, so we erected bigger barriers, we buried our dry bones deeper, […]

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The Church Is Hopeless

It’s no secret that many churches have dwindled in size. Prominent churches and pastors are embroiled in controversy. Not a week goes by that I don’t have someone tell me that they’ve left organized religion or that they’ve walked away from Christianity altogether. There’s so much pain, so much dysfunction, so many issues. As I […]

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The Corporate Captivity of the Church

The church in the United States is in decline. There is nothing particularly earth-shattering about this. It is reported nearly everywhere on a regular basis. In my corner of the Bible-belt, the reasoning that is often given for this is the increasing cultural secularization and pluralization. This, of course, likely has something to do with […]

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Adventures in Missing the Point

I love the gospel passages for the Sundays right after Easter Sunday.  The Sunday after Easter day has Jesus showing up to his disciples, but Thomas was absent. And he, bless his heart, expressed what they were likely all thinking, “‘Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands, and put my finger […]

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Not the Ending I Had in Mind

What could make a cold and snowy winter better than watching the Winter Olympics?  Sochi has been marred by every sort of controversy, from the minutiae of poorly constructed restrooms to flagrant human rights issues. However, the Olympiad itself still stands as a testament to competition and the joy the games.  Last night, US Champion […]

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