Come, Lord Jesus, Come Quickly

Throughout the pages of the Bible, we find story after story of God’s people waiting: for justice, for God’s presence, for liberation, for a savior. God’s people are also repeatedly told to pay attention: to the movement of God’s Spirit, to injustice, to the coming Messiah. And then there’s Advent: a whole season dedicated to […]


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Practicing Prayer

“It must be said that the Church, when it prays, takes the place of the world which does not know any longer, or does not yet, know how to pray”[1] During middle school youth group last Sunday at Westminster Presbyterian Church, students were invited to write down questions they had about God. We collected their […]

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Room for Ripples

For a class last week, I had to read the book of Acts, all of it. Welcome to seminary? Throughout the book of Acts, the early “Christians” (Jewish followers of The Way) are eager to share the good news that Christ has risen. However, they repeatedly struggle to realize that the gospel is good news […]

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Worship Is

When I first committed to writing for That Reformed Blog, I wasn’t sure how often I would be able to contribute due to everything I’d be writing in seminary. And then I thought, “Why not share what I’m already writing for class on the blog?” Below is my response to the question, “What is worship?” […]

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Got Questions? We Have Answers.

I have deep roots in many different expressions of Christianity. As a result, I hear a lot of phrases that only make sense if you’re on the “inside” of that particular group. In recent months though, I’ve continued to encounter and wrestle with a phrase that needs some unpacking. It usually sounds something like this… […]

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