Not so old and dusty now, is it?

I grew up hearing about how “warm and friendly” the Heidelberg Catechism is, and I’m glad some people feel that way.  To me, however, it’s a bit more reminiscent of an exam or an interview.  At times it makes me feel like a “way-ward soul” called before the Elders or the Classis to “give an […]

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When did you get saved?

Honestly, few questions irk me more than “When did you get saved?”  Seriously, when a street preacher accosts me with the question, my snarkier side occasionally bursts through with something like: Oh, I don’t know, somewhere about 2000 years ago. It isn’t that I don’t “believe” in the concept of salvation, of course.  It’s that […]

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Antichrist & Catholic Unity

There are three authors that I will admit to being a total groupie of: Katherine Kurtz, Peter Reinhart, and John Williamson Nevin.  Kurtz, despite being a historical/fantasy writer shaped my understanding of faith in ways that some people might find remarkable.  Reinhart writes the most incredible bread cookbooks.  Yes, cookbooks.  He uses time as a […]

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Inviting and Fencing

Since my first conversation about writing for this blog, I’ve wondered what to write as my first post and how to introduce myself.  Some of you know me, others of you don’t.  Some of you like me (or would if you knew me); others of you don’t (or probably wouldn’t if you got to know […]

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