Meet Our Contributors

James Hart Brumm



James is director of the Reformed Church Center, the Theological Writing Center, and the Seminary Archives at New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and General Editor-elect of the Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America. He teaches and runs workshops about history, worship, and being Reformed, and he writes hymns — and has on, on occasion, been known to force congregations to sing.



April Fiet


April is a reluctant trailblazer who preaches, pastors, and parents in partnership with her husband Jeff. April and Jeff have served as co-pastors for the past ten years, and currently serve in the panhandle of Nebraska. April also enjoys gardening, accidental alliteration, and crocheting creatures. Check out April’s other project At the Table, where April writes about faith and life.



Lisa Hansen Tice

Lisa is an ordained minister in The Reformed Church in America.  She currently works as a chaplain in the San Antonio, TX area.  She is the proud mother of a Corn Husker and the obliging servant to his cat, Princess.  Lisa loves all things worship, and enjoys the singing in a church choir, ringing bells, writing liturgies, and the opportunity to preach in various pulpits, . She is new to bike riding, enjoys musicals, movies, and off-beat theatrical productions. In her spare time, Lisa can be seen riding the biggest, baddest roller-coasters in south Texas!


Matthew van Maastricht


Matthew is the pastor at Altamont, New York, where he lives, and serves the Altamont Reformed Church. Matthew teaches Reformed church polity, is a Reformed Church historian, a husband, father, a knitter and tatter, and is particularly influenced by twentieth-century Reformed theologians from the Netherlands. In addition to writing for TRB, Matthew also writes at The Already Not Yet about faith and life, and at Church and Order where he reflects on Reformed church polity.



Cindi Veldheer DeYoung

Cindi is an ordained minister in The Reformed Church in America. She currently serves as a chaplain for Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids MI. She served as a hospice chaplain for 15 years. She lives in Holland MI with her beloved husband Terry DeYoung. Terry and Cindi get to triangulate with their Brittany Spaniel, Dexter, who reminds them that their true duty is to be near him. Cindi is fascinated by fun things like systematic theology, cool cars & gadgets, and sailing. She does not like snakes. And she’s not a real big fan of mac & cheese either.