Nine Months and Counting…

Today in the Lectionary, I was surprised to find Luke 1: 26-38. This is the Annunciation story, in which Mary is told by the angel Gabriel, “the Holy Spirit will come upon you, the power of the Most High will overshadow you,” and that she will be having a baby; “for nothing is impossible with […]


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Deconstructing Psalms

[As part of our Lenten journey, some of us at That Reformed Blog are blogging through the Lectionary. One of today’s readings is Psalm 19.]   God has been speaking since before time. Long before the invention of writing (about 3200 BC in Sumer and Egypt, 1200 BC in China, and 600 BC in Mesoamerica[i]) […]

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Golden Calf or Light Unto the Path?

“We believe in a traditionally Christian sexual ethic: that God created human beings male and female, and that any sexual intimacy outside of a faithful, lifelong marital union of a man and woman is contrary to His plan.” It is not important which one of the many tens of thousands of anti-LGBTQ equality websites the […]

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Together We Stand

We know how it goes. We’ve repeated the story, maybe read about it in (some) church history books. And many of us have probably even seen a young Joseph Fiennes act it out on screen. Martin Luther stands before the Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms and says, Unless I am convinced […]

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Sola Scriptura?

This post has been prompted by a couple of things I’ve come across lately. First, I’m part of a Facebook group for clergy women, and a friend of mine (we’ve never met, but when you’re in the trenches together as we are, you become friends) was requested by a nearby church not to fill pulpit supply in […]

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