Consider the Ants

I spent much of the morning contending with an influx of carpenter ants into our kitchen, so I’ve had a fair amount of time to reflect on this tiny insect. I’m no entomologist, but I observed several things about the tiny black creatures that kept popping up on the ceiling of my kitchen, one after […]


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Cinco de Mayo: An Honest Assessment

I spent most of my life surrounded by people more or less “like” me. Of course there are differences in any other seemingly homogenous group and, as a member of that group, one learns just how significant those differences can be. Yet, looking back, my experiences with diversity were relatively limited. The small country church […]

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It’s a little ironic, isn’t it? Lent is perhaps the most public time of fasting of the year. I know that I have often used the question “Are you giving anything up for Lent?” as a prideful way of ensuring that I in turn will be asked – thereby allowing me to show off my […]

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The Power of Epiphany

Epiphany kicks off with the story we know and love – the visit of the Magi, ­the bringing of gifts, the light shining into the darkness. Hard on its heels, though, is a far darker story: the murder of innocents and the genocide of children. Herod, the supposed King of the Jews, finds his power […]

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Charmin Theology – My Take

Well, I’m new here at That Reformed Blog. I’m excited to join the collective here at TRB and I look forward to wrestling through some of these questions with this community. I’ve enjoyed the conversation between Wayne and Susan on TULIP and wanted to throw in my own two cents. Calling this post “Charmin Theology,” […]

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