Lent 3, 2018

There was no space for us in God’s domain

(we couldn’t even step on the same hill

without dying) until God took ten plain

and simple Hebrew words to share God’s will,

that we make space for the One Who Made Us.

Eght simple “don’t”s, two “do”s was all required

to include the One Who Would Include Us

within God’s heart. Ten words and we’re rewired

for love: love God, love truth, love verbally,

love rhythm, love parents, love all living,

love honor, love reverence, love honesty,

love other’s blessings with true thanksgiving.

God comes to us teaching us a love song.

We must sing, the cost of making love strong.


Yet, as we sang, the song was rearranged.

We sang it for buying and for selling,

leaving out those from whom we were estranged

from space God meant for them in God’s dwelling

we had built.* So Jesus took up God’s tune

for us; dancing the way we’d forgotten

(a way too loud for some, too fast, too soon)

to show, with God gone, the world was rotten.

Our Savior danced and sang and set things right

and would, for love, pay the piper for us,

for when one sings out love in sin’s dark night

there is a dear cost for every chorus.

Christ comes, zealous, belting out God’s love song,

singing for us so we won’t get love wrong.


*The place in the Temple where the moneychangers and others Jesus attacked had set up was the court of the Gentiles, leaving no room to welcome others in as God had welcomed Israel.


2 thoughts on “Lent 3, 2018

  1. Thank you for sharing this work of art! Like art is wont to do, it forces us to reflect on ourselves as we reflect on it.

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