I have remained silent over all that has transpired in the news over the past week.  And, I will continue to remain silent concerning my opinion on politics and American culture.  I will share that the hearings last week stirred up a lot of personal pain around experiences that I had thought were deeply and well stuffed into dark corners in my psyche.  The memories are not pleasant.  Being groped in a lake and in an office are not feelings I wanted to recall.  Going on a date, more than one, that ended in unexpected grabbing.  Running away and feeling hands grab at me only to find myself in the middle of a dark street in an unfamiliar downtown neighborhood alone and afraid.  For so many women, the past week conjured up emotional pain that was not expected or wanted.  It brought out feelings of anger and angst.  But, for the first time, I am able to cope with these feelings differently.  I have spent the past year dealing with the trauma of sexual assault and reframing how I react.  And, so I went into deep pray and found solace with the Holy Spirit.  And, today, instead of ending up in a pile of pain and tears, I am able to stand with God on the side of the lowly and oppressed.  I extend my hand in invitation to all those who seek a different reality in this world.  Seek solace, seek forgiveness, and sin no more.


One thought on “Silence

  1. Lisa,
    The atmosphere seems full of fear, anger, despair, deep sadness and brokenness. Apart from the political arena, the conversations and awareness of how people treat each other, respect each other and themselves or don’t, has weighed heavily on my spirit and many, many others.
    While I long for freedom from such sobering conversations, I know and I hope we will learn from this, and remember the gift of being in God’s image, called to be light in this broken world.
    Thank you for writing.

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