Easter, 2015

He isn’t here . . . So, why keep looking? These are just places, things, signs of what was, where God was. Salvation is not a relic. Resurrection is for the living: busy rehab, not empty tomb; new house beams, not cross splinters. Not to see, but to be, so let’s get going. He’s gone […]

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Lent 5, 2015

Isn’t it lifeless? Isn’t it broken-down rock, dust with some moisture? Hasn’t it been trapped, under ice and snow all this time, under underfoot? How can it be warm, have an odor, be . . . vibrant? Does this have some life? Can life be breathed in? Can it give life to this seed, cold, […]

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Adventures in Missing the Point

I love the gospel passages for the Sundays right after Easter Sunday.  The Sunday after Easter day has Jesus showing up to his disciples, but Thomas was absent. And he, bless his heart, expressed what they were likely all thinking, “‘Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands, and put my finger […]

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It’s Not About the Bunny

When I set about writing a blog post on today’s Gospel lectionary passage, John 20:1-18, I thought “Oh yea! The resurrection passage on Easter – piece of cake!” Yea, right. So, six days in, and I’m still staring at my computer with nothing. Nada. Part of my problem is that when I blog, I put […]

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