Open Table

While I was in college, I asked Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff if I could sit in on his liturgy class. I knew I didn’t have time to do the homework, but still wanted to peek in on what he was teaching. He let me! And it was wonderful. We learned about Orthodox liturgy, in particular, and […]


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“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – an op-ed for Overture 4.

This week, the Reformed Church in America’s General Synod will gather in Palos Heights, Illinois, to discuss a plethora of church business. Reports from various committees, overtures responding to requests of new business, and judicial matters will all be discussed in the upcoming 7 days. I will be a delegate from the seminary, as one […]

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The Corporate Captivity of the Church

The church in the United States is in decline. There is nothing particularly earth-shattering about this. It is reported nearly everywhere on a regular basis. In my corner of the Bible-belt, the reasoning that is often given for this is the increasing cultural secularization and pluralization. This, of course, likely has something to do with […]

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Speaking of Sin

I am the pastor of a church in the inner-city and a vast majority of my congregation are low-income, most are unemployed, and many struggle with addictions, broken relationships, poverty, hopelessness, and are aware that they are largely ignored by the majority of the city. I also talk about sin. A lot. We have a […]

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Where are you from?

I am a perpetual student. I love to learn, and I spent seven years in higher education earning undergraduate and graduate level degrees. Even though I am not currently in a degree program, I continue to read, study, learn and discover new tidbits each and every day. But there was one thing that I couldn’t […]

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