I’m Not That Kind of Reformed

Recently, I’ve noticed that the word reformed means very different things depending on who you are talking to. For some, reformed is a negative word that is thrown around to describe the kind of Christians you should hope you never become. For others, reformed is a word used to describe people who hold to a […]

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If the Sanctuary Could Speak…

In the sanctuary at the church where my husband and I serve as co-pastors, the back two pews have a sign on them that reads “Reserved for Families with Small Children.” These pews were set aside as an act of hospitality to families who may find themselves needing quick access to a bathroom to change […]

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Why Epiphany Matters to Me

Recently I learned that some people do not recognize Epiphany, and they do not put Magi (also called wise men) in their nativity decorations because the Magi might have been astrologers. The logic goes that since the Magi were astrologers or pagans, we should not honor them. We should not celebrate because they were not […]

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Anticipation or Expectations

Yesterday morning I walked over to the church in the early morning to practice a guitar-piano duet with our very talented piano player. We are playing “What Child Is This” for the first Sunday of Advent, and even though I had practiced the piece by myself many times, I wasn’t exactly sure what it would […]

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To Learn Is to Suffer

You know that kid in your school who would ask for extra homework, remind the teacher you were supposed to have a test that day, and spent free time reading and studying? That was me. As a type-A, perfectionist and a bookworm who has always loved learning, I have always prided myself in knowing at […]

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Centrality of the Wordsmith

As someone who has been part of many different denominations over the course of my life, I’ve noticed that each denomination has a particular emphasis or focus. The Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) puts an emphasis on the unity of believers despite great theological diversity, and on the Lord’s Supper.  Some more charismatic traditions build […]

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Confession: I’m a Control Freak

*This sign hangs on the barn at our favorite pumpkin patch. When this post publishes on Thursday morning, I will be sitting in the hospital waiting room as my sweet, four-year-old daughter is having dental surgery.  I have kept myself so busy ever since finding out that she would need the surgery that I have […]

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Forgiveness Hocus Pocus

Last week I was getting ready to leave a coffee shop after spending the morning worship planning when I overheard a conversation between two men. They were having a lively conversation over coffee, complete with hand gestures and animated facial expressions. I could tell that they were talking about religion from the few words I […]

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