Wilderness, Deconstructed

Sometimes I wonder if we have romanticized the idea of the wilderness, as though the wilderness was a place where things were more real, truer, more natural than what we experience day-to-day. We seek out wilderness by taking camping trips, or going for a hike. We long for it as some kind of respite from […]


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Sanctity of Whose Lives?

Tomorrow (January 17, 2016) is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. I had never heard of this Sunday observance prior to living in Michigan (2004-2007), and my first experience with it was very interesting. From the pulpit, speaker after speaker, and video after video on the screen talked about the evils of abortion, and as we […]

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The Sickness of Busyness

“The reason our churches are shrinking is because church has become just one option among a sea of options on Sunday mornings.” “It used to be that everything was closed on Sundays. People didn’t have all these distractions keeping them from coming to church.” “If we want to bring in young families, we need to […]

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The Church Is Hopeless

It’s no secret that many churches have dwindled in size. Prominent churches and pastors are embroiled in controversy. Not a week goes by that I don’t have someone tell me that they’ve left organized religion or that they’ve walked away from Christianity altogether. There’s so much pain, so much dysfunction, so many issues. As I […]

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Life’s Frantic Liturgy

We all follow a liturgy. I know that sounds strange, but I believe it to be true. When I was in college, I remember people asking me if I attended a liturgical church. Liturgical was supposed to be a code word for “boring,” or “the pastor wears a robe,” or “they read all their words […]

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Are Men and Women Enemies?

When God created Adam, God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper as a partner” (Genesis 2:18, NRSV). And ever since this profound declaration, we have struggled to understand what it means. Countless articles and books have been written in an attempt to understand what the […]

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