“Just Make It a Good One”

One of my favorite lines from my favorite science fiction series, “Doctor Who,” is uttered by the Doctor, sure that he is about to consign himself to oblivion as he saves the universe. “We’re all stories in the end,” he tells a redheaded ten-year-old as she sleeps, and as he leaves the story of himself […]

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Room for Ripples

For a class last week, I had to read the book of Acts, all of it. Welcome to seminary? Throughout the book of Acts, the early “Christians” (Jewish followers of The Way) are eager to share the good news that Christ has risen. However, they repeatedly struggle to realize that the gospel is good news […]

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The Problem of Literate Worship

This doesn’t seem like a title that I might put on a blog post. After all, I am a minister in a tradition that values literacy. The magisterial Reformation in Europe was a Reformation of learned people, educated people; instead of listening to others sing for them, instead of accepting what others told them that […]

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