Confession: I’m a Control Freak

*This sign hangs on the barn at our favorite pumpkin patch. When this post publishes on Thursday morning, I will be sitting in the hospital waiting room as my sweet, four-year-old daughter is having dental surgery.  I have kept myself so busy ever since finding out that she would need the surgery that I have […]

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Forgiveness Hocus Pocus

Last week I was getting ready to leave a coffee shop after spending the morning worship planning when I overheard a conversation between two men. They were having a lively conversation over coffee, complete with hand gestures and animated facial expressions. I could tell that they were talking about religion from the few words I […]

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Be Holy (whatever that means).

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week. “Holy” is such a churchy word and, as a result, carries a lot of baggage.  So, let’s start by lightening the load.  Holy means somewhat peculiar, somehow different, something unique, or someone set apart for a special purpose.  This week, then, is different, unique, even peculiar.  And yes, […]

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Where are you from?

I am a perpetual student. I love to learn, and I spent seven years in higher education earning undergraduate and graduate level degrees. Even though I am not currently in a degree program, I continue to read, study, learn and discover new tidbits each and every day. But there was one thing that I couldn’t […]

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Every Square Inch

I am an ordained minister of Word and sacrament and I stand within the Reformed tradition. Currently, I am the pastor of a small Reformed church in the midst of a big city where the predominate traditions are Lutheran and Roman Catholic. No one has heard anything about the Reformed. I have been learning more […]

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What’s In A Name?

In your hearts sanctify Christ as Lord. Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an account of the hope that is in you (1 Peter 3:15). It is my hope that this blog will be a hospitable place in cyberspace where all are welcome. While this is a blog hosted by a bunch […]

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This is only the beginning of what we hope will blossom into something beautiful. Check back soon as seeds are still being planted in the form of healthy and vital conversations.  

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