Open Table

While I was in college, I asked Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff if I could sit in on his liturgy class. I knew I didn’t have time to do the homework, but still wanted to peek in on what he was teaching. He let me! And it was wonderful. We learned about Orthodox liturgy, in particular, and […]


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“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – an op-ed for Overture 4.

This week, the Reformed Church in America’s General Synod will gather in Palos Heights, Illinois, to discuss a plethora of church business. Reports from various committees, overtures responding to requests of new business, and judicial matters will all be discussed in the upcoming 7 days. I will be a delegate from the seminary, as one […]

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Perpetually Under Construction

On Monday I moved into my new office as Director of New Brunswick Theological Seminary’s Reformed Church Center. It is a shared office that I won’t be in much, but it has a window, and is up amongst the faculty offices in the Seminary’s brand-spanking-new building. This is, I think, a marvelous improvement from the […]

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Wounds in the Body of Christ

Eendracht maakt Macht These words adorn the banner at the bottom of the crest of the Reformed Church in America. Often the translation into English is, “Unity makes strength” but, as I understand it, a better translation is “Concord makes strength” — a pulling together like a team of horses. *** The Christian church today […]

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Inviting and Fencing

Since my first conversation about writing for this blog, I’ve wondered what to write as my first post and how to introduce myself.  Some of you know me, others of you don’t.  Some of you like me (or would if you knew me); others of you don’t (or probably wouldn’t if you got to know […]

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