Wilderness, Deconstructed

Sometimes I wonder if we have romanticized the idea of the wilderness, as though the wilderness was a place where things were more real, truer, more natural than what we experience day-to-day. We seek out wilderness by taking camping trips, or going for a hike. We long for it as some kind of respite from […]


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Palm Sunday, 2015

Look at this! Branches off the trees . . . old cloaks on the road, all trampled and torn . . . donkey droppings, right up to the Temple steps . . . This all has something to do with that Jesus fellow, doesn’t it? Doesn’t he know some of us have to clean this […]

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Nine Months and Counting…

Today in the Lectionary, I was surprised to find Luke 1: 26-38. This is the Annunciation story, in which Mary is told by the angel Gabriel, “the Holy Spirit will come upon you, the power of the Most High will overshadow you,” and that she will be having a baby; “for nothing is impossible with […]

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Lent 5, 2015

Isn’t it lifeless? Isn’t it broken-down rock, dust with some moisture? Hasn’t it been trapped, under ice and snow all this time, under underfoot? How can it be warm, have an odor, be . . . vibrant? Does this have some life? Can life be breathed in? Can it give life to this seed, cold, […]

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Deconstructing Psalms

[As part of our Lenten journey, some of us at That Reformed Blog are blogging through the Lectionary. One of today’s readings is Psalm 19.]   God has been speaking since before time. Long before the invention of writing (about 3200 BC in Sumer and Egypt, 1200 BC in China, and 600 BC in Mesoamerica[i]) […]

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Lent 2, 2015

Empty, desolate: the desicated dust of desert, the frigid, frightful frostiness . . . My God, my God! Oman had cooling rains this week. In the West Michigan snow, tulips have four-centimeter sprouts. Hope in God; spring is coming. Anger, panicking: intractible ideology or vicious, vengeful violence . . . My God, my God! Charlie […]

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Lent 1, 2015

Water: crashing, rushing, lifting, tossing, drowning seeping and eroding, unstopped, because ashes marked us Wednesday; but here comes the water, unrelenting, penetrating, blessing in drops, sprinkles, dunkings, saving from death, through death, not thwarted nor denied by death: God’s love.

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When you can’t find the words

My calling is centered around language, as language is the way to communicate, to express. In my pastoral role, it is my charge to speak to the community and for the community — to express the experiences and life of the community and to help us all find meaning in our individual and shared experiences. […]

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