It’s Not About the Bunny

When I set about writing a blog post on today’s Gospel lectionary passage, John 20:1-18, I thought “Oh yea! The resurrection passage on Easter – piece of cake!” Yea, right. So, six days in, and I’m still staring at my computer with nothing. Nada. Part of my problem is that when I blog, I put […]

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Love. No, really! Love!

It’s Valentine’s day! Because it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought it appropriate to write about love. However, this left me wondering exactly which angle to take. It would be WAY too easy to just spout out some drivel about romance, it being Valentine’s Day and all.  And the blogosphere has already been inundated with the love […]

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The Power of Epiphany

Epiphany kicks off with the story we know and love – the visit of the Magi, ­the bringing of gifts, the light shining into the darkness. Hard on its heels, though, is a far darker story: the murder of innocents and the genocide of children. Herod, the supposed King of the Jews, finds his power […]

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God with us

Without getting into the debate over the choice of December 25th as the designated birthday of Jesus, or the annual arguments of how Santa and flying reindeer enter the picture, or why we decorate dead trees inside our homes, or whether or not the wise men should be included in your Nativity crèche; today is […]

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Love on Display

Advent: n. An arrival, or coming into being; the coming or arrival of something extremely important. (with capital A, in Christianity) the coming of Christ; in the church calendar Advent is the four week period prior to Christmas. [From Latin adventus, meaning arrival.]  The 2003 British Christmas film, Love Actually, takes place during Advent. The […]

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Livin’ on a Prayer 2013

I am a baby Gen-Xer. I identify pretty strongly with Rachel Held Evans’ sentiments: “Despite having one foot in Generation X, I tend to identify most strongly with the attitudes and the ethos of the millennial generation.” While I traded in Bon Jovi for Nirvana a long time ago, and these days listen to Arcade Fire […]

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