Open Table

While I was in college, I asked Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff if I could sit in on his liturgy class. I knew I didn’t have time to do the homework, but still wanted to peek in on what he was teaching. He let me! And it was wonderful. We learned about Orthodox liturgy, in particular, and […]


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Hungering with the Belgic and Bono

There has been a lot of talk around here lately at TRB about TULIPS, catechisms, canons and confessions. In fact, all this week Andy, Tim and myself are offering some of our reflections on The Belgic Confession. At least historically these are all topics that Reformed folks take pretty seriously. So I guess we have been […]

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Inviting and Fencing

Since my first conversation about writing for this blog, I’ve wondered what to write as my first post and how to introduce myself.  Some of you know me, others of you don’t.  Some of you like me (or would if you knew me); others of you don’t (or probably wouldn’t if you got to know […]

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Kinkade’s Cabin Door or the Potato Eaters Table? (God’s Answer To Our Deepest Questions)

“The Potato Eaters” by Vincent Van Gogh It is Good Friday, a day haunted by the dark shadows of misunderstanding, indifference, betrayal, mockery and the worst sort of treachery humanity can dish out. We began Holy Week with a wonderful post from Peter on Palm Sunday, exploring the meaning and significance of Jesus’ death. He called into […]

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Be Holy (whatever that means).

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week. “Holy” is such a churchy word and, as a result, carries a lot of baggage.  So, let’s start by lightening the load.  Holy means somewhat peculiar, somehow different, something unique, or someone set apart for a special purpose.  This week, then, is different, unique, even peculiar.  And yes, […]

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