Epiphanies can be big or small. As my fellow blogger posted earlier this week, Paul and Moses had some big epiphanies. Those were some drastic life changes. While people continue to have those big epiphanies in life, I see my life filled with small and often very subtle epiphanies that have shaped me into the […]

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A Personal Epiphany

Epiphany by Dick Phillips Epiphany (noun) a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way. When I was 10, I wanted to be an acolyte in my church. I desperately wanted to carry the brass candle lighter down the aisle (in the “procession!”) wear the little alb, […]

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The Power of Epiphany

Epiphany kicks off with the story we know and love – the visit of the Magi, ­the bringing of gifts, the light shining into the darkness. Hard on its heels, though, is a far darker story: the murder of innocents and the genocide of children. Herod, the supposed King of the Jews, finds his power […]

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The Fourth Magus

I think that next Epiphany, I am going to add a fourth magus to my nativity. Why do we sing “We Three Kings…” and place three figures when we are never told that there were actually three? Why not two, or twenty? Far from trying to be difficult, though, my desire to add a fourth […]

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Why Epiphany Matters to Me

Recently I learned that some people do not recognize Epiphany, and they do not put Magi (also called wise men) in their nativity decorations because the Magi might have been astrologers. The logic goes that since the Magi were astrologers or pagans, we should not honor them. We should not celebrate because they were not […]

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