Open Table

While I was in college, I asked Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff if I could sit in on his liturgy class. I knew I didn’t have time to do the homework, but still wanted to peek in on what he was teaching. He let me! And it was wonderful. We learned about Orthodox liturgy, in particular, and […]


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Earth Day at 45 years old

Today is Earth Day. Originally observed in 1970, Earth Day marked the beginnings of the Environmental movement in America. Some really good things came from the original Earth Day. As awareness was raised, it led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, passages of the Clean Air Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species […]

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The Corporate Captivity of the Church

The church in the United States is in decline. There is nothing particularly earth-shattering about this. It is reported nearly everywhere on a regular basis. In my corner of the Bible-belt, the reasoning that is often given for this is the increasing cultural secularization and pluralization. This, of course, likely has something to do with […]

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Meandering and Pondering…….

I’ve been pondering about community. Shocker I know being a person called to ministry and who is a nurse, and an Ethics Fellow, and an educator. Community- a word, concept, reality –that has so many different meanings for each person I encounter. Up until a few years ago, (well before seminary) I never really paid […]

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The Family Table

The smells of beef and onions, cilantro and salsa waft through the air. The sound of conversation and laughter fills the back yard on this cool summer night as dozens of people sit at a single long table sharing food and life. It is a community gathering to celebrate the upcoming birth of yet another […]

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If your religious experience has been anything like mine, perhaps you grew up with an image of “Sabbath” like the one this cartoon is poking a little fun at. But the rules I was raised with for “keeping Sabbath” seemed arbitrary and often left me feeling board and wrestles rather than rested. Both versions of […]

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Living Life on the Labyrinth

I was feeling particularly proud of myself today because I had the marvelous idea to take my spiritual direction client[1] to a beautiful outdoor labyrinth[2] at a church nearby.  Assuming that she, a stay at home mom living in a religiously conservative area of west Michigan, had never been to a labyrinth before I was […]

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