Cinco de Mayo: An Honest Assessment

I spent most of my life surrounded by people more or less “like” me. Of course there are differences in any other seemingly homogenous group and, as a member of that group, one learns just how significant those differences can be. Yet, looking back, my experiences with diversity were relatively limited. The small country church […]

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A Personal Epiphany

Epiphany by Dick Phillips Epiphany (noun) a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way. When I was 10, I wanted to be an acolyte in my church. I desperately wanted to carry the brass candle lighter down the aisle (in the “procession!”) wear the little alb, […]

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Centrality of the Wordsmith

As someone who has been part of many different denominations over the course of my life, I’ve noticed that each denomination has a particular emphasis or focus. The Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) puts an emphasis on the unity of believers despite great theological diversity, and on the Lord’s Supper.  Some more charismatic traditions build […]

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The Family Table

The smells of beef and onions, cilantro and salsa waft through the air. The sound of conversation and laughter fills the back yard on this cool summer night as dozens of people sit at a single long table sharing food and life. It is a community gathering to celebrate the upcoming birth of yet another […]

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