A Delayed Meditation on Joy

Always rejoice . . . here in this time of snow and slush, colds and flu and stress . . . wondering about the end of the month, the end of the year, the early ends of every day . . . too much to do, too much to see (no good when it is […]

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Labor Pains

A poem, a prayer and a passage for Christmas Eve: The pinnacle of Advent expectation and longing ‘I will make you a great nation Endowed with power to bless and curse Through your seed, your only son I’ll bless the families of the earth I’ve passed between the severed parts Of goats and rams, mingled […]

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The “Perfect” Christmas?

One of the most memorable nights of my life came when I received a phone call from my sister, telling me she was pregnant.  She was young, unmarried, and not yet finished with school, so the news came with not a little trepidation.  Another relative called me later that night to talk about this news.  […]

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Love on Display

Advent: n. An arrival, or coming into being; the coming or arrival of something extremely important. (with capital A, in Christianity) the coming of Christ; in the church calendar Advent is the four week period prior to Christmas. [From Latin adventus, meaning arrival.]  The 2003 British Christmas film, Love Actually, takes place during Advent. The […]

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