Why I’m Not Yet Wearing a Rainbow

Friday, 26 June 2015, was a wonderful day for many people I know, love, and respect. The Supreme Court of the United States declared laws prohibiting same-sex marriage in the US to be unconstitutional. People who have been socially outcast have another public sign that this discrimination is not acceptable. Now, we can argue, from […]

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Capital Punishment at Eastertide

On 21 April, jurors in Boston will decide the fate of Dzhokhar Tzarnaev, who has been convicted in his role in the Boston Marathon bombing two years ago. He is subject to the death penalty, and, a bit over a week ago, on the Comedy Central series “The Nightly Show,” host Larry Wilmore spoke of […]

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Palm Sunday, 2015

Look at this! Branches off the trees . . . old cloaks on the road, all trampled and torn . . . donkey droppings, right up to the Temple steps . . . This all has something to do with that Jesus fellow, doesn’t it? Doesn’t he know some of us have to clean this […]

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Nine Months and Counting…

Today in the Lectionary, I was surprised to find Luke 1: 26-38. This is the Annunciation story, in which Mary is told by the angel Gabriel, “the Holy Spirit will come upon you, the power of the Most High will overshadow you,” and that she will be having a baby; “for nothing is impossible with […]

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Lent 5, 2015

Isn’t it lifeless? Isn’t it broken-down rock, dust with some moisture? Hasn’t it been trapped, under ice and snow all this time, under underfoot? How can it be warm, have an odor, be . . . vibrant? Does this have some life? Can life be breathed in? Can it give life to this seed, cold, […]

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The Sickness of Busyness

“The reason our churches are shrinking is because church has become just one option among a sea of options on Sunday mornings.” “It used to be that everything was closed on Sundays. People didn’t have all these distractions keeping them from coming to church.” “If we want to bring in young families, we need to […]

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Lent 4, 2015

The snake was the lowest, the dirtiest, of all the creatures in God’s creation. But it was smarter than those two humans in a Garden; it only took shiny fruit and ego polishing to humble them. Those twelve tribes of humans in the desert humbled themselves, and the snakes had a meal. But God was […]

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Lent 3, 2015

“Destroy this Temple . . .” What? An act of vandalism? I would never do that. “Destroy this Temple . . .” Desecrate a holy place? I never even take coffee into church. “Destroy this Temple . . .” But it’s an institution! A landmark! I only have a problem with radicals, like you. “Destroy […]

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