Ebola Terror

Halloween’s pretend scares are meeting some very real terror in the awareness of the spread and tragedy of the ebola virus. Reading the news of ebola becoming an ever-more real threat is sufficient cause for all of us to wonder about diseases, the nature of fear, and a renewed appreciation for health care workers. The […]

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All Things Being Equal

On Friday Arizona became the 31st marriage equality state. In a way it was anticlimactic; a judge stated that Arizona’s ban against same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, and the attorney general decided not to appeal further. Ta-da! Since I am a Christian pastor, many folks assume that I am (or should be) morally outraged about this […]

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Room for Ripples

For a class last week, I had to read the book of Acts, all of it. Welcome to seminary? Throughout the book of Acts, the early “Christians” (Jewish followers of The Way) are eager to share the good news that Christ has risen. However, they repeatedly struggle to realize that the gospel is good news […]

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