Resurrection Sprouts

In case you think Easter is in the rearview mirror, I want to tell you about some resurrection stories that continue to stir up hope and faith. An ICU nurse told me our phone call needed to be cut short because the staff was about to do a“parade.” One of their COVID-19 patients was recovering, […]


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A Ministry of Prescience

My mind has been whirling with phrases, and the whirling has not been such a good thing. Phrases like, “abandonment of post,” and “ministry of presence.” Of course, lots of other phrases are now mantras for everyone: “an abundance of caution,” and “shelter in place.”  For chaplains and pastors, pastoral care has meant, at its […]

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Palm Sunday, 2018

He led a protest march because the city lost what it was built to be, to call it back. They led a protest march because the city left behind its purpose, and they called it back. He poured out all he was to set right what was wrong, emptied his life so we would all […]

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The Quest to Tell Stories Better

I begin this blog post with a rather shameless plug. The Reformed Church Center at New Brunswick Theological Seminary, working with the RCA Archives and the RCA office for Women’s Transformation and Leadership, announces the beginning of the First Stories Project. Congregations are being invited to conduct oral interviews with the first women to serve […]

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Time to Say “Enough”

During the RCA General Synod, I posted to this blog about being calm and conciliatory, about looking at the long view of history and the mighty acts of God in the face of what some saw as frustrating nonsense going on at the Synod. Last week, I posted pastorally, about the need to be patient […]

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Desirers of Clarity, Clarify Thyselves!

CLARIFY 1. make (a statement or situation) less confused and more clearly comprehensible. “the report managed to clarify the government’s position” synonyms: make clear, shed/throw light on, elucidate, illuminate 2. melt (butter) in order to separate out the impurities. synonyms: purify, refine From the mouths of those who have supported the creation of a “Council” […]

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Doctor Beardslee, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Appreciate the Synod

I include the above picture for those for whom my Kubrik reference in the title was too subtle. So, the first full day of Synod has come and gone, and we have had the reports of the General Secretary and the President ( and, respectively), and we have a proposal before us to “clarify”—the […]

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Capital Punishment at Eastertide

On 21 April, jurors in Boston will decide the fate of Dzhokhar Tzarnaev, who has been convicted in his role in the Boston Marathon bombing two years ago. He is subject to the death penalty, and, a bit over a week ago, on the Comedy Central series “The Nightly Show,” host Larry Wilmore spoke of […]

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