Gabriel’s Log, Entry Two

Here’s the second installment of the logs from Gabriel’s field assignment—James Hart Brumm Personal Log of Gabriel, Messenger First Class, Trumpeter Second Class, Advance Unit of the Assault Division, Armies of the God Who Is and Was and Is to Come (also known as the “Heavenly Host”) It feels like just moments ago that I […]

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Gabriel’s Log, Entry One

What follows here and over the next few days in That Reformed Blog will be entries rarely seen by human beings: the personal logs of a commander in the armies of heaven on field assignment to Bethlehem, Judea, late in the reign of Herod the Great. Any similarity to a midrash is entirely fortuitous.—James Hart […]

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A Love Song in Hungry Days

Love, coming as a baby, placed us upon a throne. Weak and self-insufficient, that Love became our own, all inhibitions shed, a meal for all creation served in the House of Bread. Love we were not expecting (though it had been foretold) finds us afraid, defensive, so angry, empty, cold and offers warmth instead: the […]

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Labor Pains

A poem, a prayer and a passage for Christmas Eve: The pinnacle of Advent expectation and longing ‘I will make you a great nation Endowed with power to bless and curse Through your seed, your only son I’ll bless the families of the earth I’ve passed between the severed parts Of goats and rams, mingled […]

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