Beliefs… Revised

Is it possible to correct someone’s beliefs? Is it even desirable or “right” to attempt to do so? It’s certainly not a popular concept. Early in my years as a hospice chaplain, I met a kind, welcoming woman who summed up her beliefs by saying, “God’s in his heaven, and all’s right with the world.” […]

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Getting my Mind Around Miracles

Getting my mind around miracles A blog may be a dangerous place to do some thinking out loud, but I can play with danger occasionally. I’ve had several “minds” about miracles in the context of ministry in health care settings for 2 dozen years. One of those minds is that yes, miracles happen. I’ve heard […]

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I’m one of the liturgical nuts who gets chills on my spine when I have the opportunity to be in a large cathedral, where the procession is a big, grand affair, and the pomp and circumstance of things conspire to remind us of the big, majestic, holy God we worship. I like processions, from parades […]

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Good News Shoes

I’m quite sure my spouse will roll his eyes several times over if someone asks us to compare the numbers of pairs of shoes he has versus the numbers of shoes I have. It’s the cultural expectation, after all… gotta have blue dress shoes for a blue skirt or dress, black for black, and summer […]

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Freedom, Faith, And The American Flag

There’s a Dutch flag hanging in the front of our home this week! It’s the start of the high, holy days of Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan. Additionally fueling our Dutch pride this past week, April 30 was a momentousness Queen’s Day in the Netherlands (that’s the Homeland for you non-Dutch folks).  My grandmother, an immigrant from […]

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I distinctly remember a conversation during my limited year at Calvin seminary long ago about the idea of being zealous for God. We discussed the preacher’s ability to convey the urgency of the Gospel, and the need to be a compelling person who could convey some of the earnestness of the endeavor of ministering in […]

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