The Impossible Dream

Lent is about impossible dreams.  Lent is where deep gratitude meets deep regret, deep pain meets deep comfort, despair meets hope and dust meets glory.  As I write this, unmarked Russian troops have locked off an entire nation’s army and Vladimir Putin has not blinked.  Standing right behind him stands the Patriarch of the Russian […]

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Not the Ending I Had in Mind

What could make a cold and snowy winter better than watching the Winter Olympics?  Sochi has been marred by every sort of controversy, from the minutiae of poorly constructed restrooms to flagrant human rights issues. However, the Olympiad itself still stands as a testament to competition and the joy the games.  Last night, US Champion […]

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Advent: A Bad PR Move

Church, we need to talk.  At the risk of social media overload, we need to talk about how up-in-arms Christians are over a millionaire indefinitely suspended from a TV show in which he will still make money… and now not up-in-arms Christians are over a drone strike that took out a wedding in Yemen.  One […]

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