In Praise of Exorcists

In honor of Halloween, let’s talk about demons. TV shows like “Constantine,” “Supernatural” and even “The Strain” deal with a demonic presence in the world which must be fought. Films like “The Conjuring,” “Paranormal Activity” and “Ouija” deal with a singular demon who engages in battle with everyday people. Sometimes the people win, sometimes the […]

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Surprised by Boredom

No one fears the dark- they fear what might be hiding in the dark. Here are the reflections of a guy who fears boredom and stillness not because of boredom itself, but because of what boredom might mean. Consider what happens when the same guy takes a simple, quiet walk.

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Why lift up my heart?

A couple posts ago, I challenged Reformed thinking on hell. In this post, I am challenged by Reformed thinking on communion- specifically, the sursum corda. Anything that sounds like spiritual escapism causes me to break out in theological hives. And the traditional Reformed call and response “Lift up your hearts!” “We lift them up to […]

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In Defense of Playing God

“This is where you play God…” so says Dr. Alan Grant in the under-appreciated film “Jurassic Park 3.” His comment is a theme among any seasoned Michael Crichton reader- people, mostly corporations, are going to attempt to become godlike. Generally speaking, the attempt will go poorly and will result in disaster. But the disaster will […]

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About THAT comment

In case you haven’t been following, a US politician recently commented that waterboarding is “how we baptize terrorists.” Naturally, the Internet outrage machine went into full swing. So why is this comment offensive? There is no doubt that some of the outrage is simply that this particular politician is typically polarizing: any comment draws […]

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That Could Have Gone Better.

Noah is coming out soon.  At nearly two-and-a-half hours, it is clear that Noah is intended to be an epic tale.  In an odd bedfellows kind of way, Muslim fundamentalists and Christian fundamentalists (who have not seen it) have already panned it as corrupt.  The Muslim resistance is because Islam does not allow images to […]

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