Hard Hearts


Today’s post is from the Rev. Brad Kautz .  Brad Kautz is the pastor of the Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church, a ministry of the RCA in Dulce, NM, on the reservation of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. He serves there with his wife Robin, and children Kat, Xander and Junior. Brad and Robin also have four adult children and numerous grandchildren.


Do you ever find yourself wondering if someone is so hard-hearted towards God that it would seem impossible to believe that they would ever come to faith? Maybe that kind of heart describes someone you dearly love, and yet who seems so lost. You pray, and you pray, and you pray, and yet nothing ever seems to change.

As I was reading from the Canons of Dort I was reminded that no heart is too hard for the Lord to change. Tucked into Article 6 of the First Point of Doctrine was this phrase: “In accordance with this decree God graciously softens the hearts, however hard, of the elect…”

However hard.

Pick your own imagery. Hard as granite. Hard as steel. Hard as you name it. No heart is too hard that it cannot be softened according to God’s will and purposes. Softening as an act of God’s grace.

I know people whom I dearly love who are living in complete rejection of God, and I have no idea what his eternal plan might be for them. And so I simply pray for them, and trust that if he has chosen them then one day their hearts will soften, and they’ll be his forever.

If that glorious event happens while I’m on this side of heaven then I’ll rejoice, but that will just be a hint of the rejoicing that will take place where it really matters, at the throne of the Lord Jesus Christ.

However hard, but what seems impossibly hard to me may one day simply pass away, according to God’s will, and to his eternal glory.




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