Be Kind

As I was walking through the local Botanical Garden, I ran across a stone shouting out “BE KIND.”  I looked around to see if there were other painted rocks that I had missed, but this was the only one.  Placed near a fork in the trail in a barren piece of ground, the stone shouted, “BE KIND,” in the nicest way possible.

Since Easter Sunday, the lectionary texts this Eastertide have emphasized the importance to love as Jesus loved us.  To love one another, basically, to be kind to one another.  It is not always easy to be kind in a world that isn’t kind.  War, disease, anger, jealousy, death, vindictiveness, name calling—it doesn’t seem to end.  And, in the midst of this Jesus appears, speaks peace, and reminds us to “BE KIND.”

So, be kind.  Love one another. Care for the sick and hurting.  Share what you have.  And, you might be surprised that the rocks will shout out to the glory of God.


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