Lent 1, 2018

Alone with the beasts,

water all around,

chaos all around,

with nothing to drink, nothing to eat.

Kept safe in a box

‘til God’s kingdom, God’s promise, comes near.

Noah and his family receive the promise:

God will die

before allowing Creation to be hurt.

Alone with the beasts,

dust all around,

chaos all around

with nothing to drink, nothing toeat.

Kept safe by angels:

God’s kingdom, God’s promise, come near.

Jesus shares the promise:

he will die,

allowing Creation to live forever.

We face lots of beasts.

We come from the dust.

We go through that water.

Chaos is all around

as we scramble to drink and eat.

Kept safe in God’s love,

belonging in God’s kingdom, God’s promise.

Baptized into the promise,

what will we do

to allow Creation—all of Creation—life and hope?


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