Mary’s Pregnancy Journal–Entry 7

Continuing a series of entries in an imaginary journal, as we think about what might have been in the mind of Mary.

“God has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the humble.”

I’m heading back home today. Cousin Elizabeth and Zechariah are sending me with a young field hand from their area, somebody they trust, who helps out around their property when Zechariah is on duty at the Temple. Elizabeth also wrote a note to Mom and Daddy. I’ll still have to have a long talk with them, but I am now confident in what God has called me to do.

I’m just beginning to show where the baby is; still another five or six months to go. I’m not sure what I’ll be saying to Joseph—that’s almost more difficult than my parents—but all of us here are sure that God will do something to ease that conversation. God has gotten me safely this far, and there’s no reason to expect that to change. I’m moving along, and I don’t feel sick in the mornings any more. More and more, I feel like nothing can stop what God is doing in and through me. Maybe that’s just because I have made it through the first few months of pregnancy—Elizabeth mentioned something like that happening to her—but it’s a good feeling.

I’m heading back home today, my pregnancy is becoming, more and more, a done deal, and yet, the powerful seem pretty comfortable on their thrones today. I am sure that, even if they were told of my child and the angel’s visit and God’s promise, most of them would brush it off, and the remainder would move to have me killed. They do not believe in the reality of God’s rule, and why should they? For so much of our world, religion is used to keep people happy and complacent and listening to the people in power.

But I know, more and more, that once God has said something, it is as good as done. Nothing and no one can stop what God is doing in and through me. The very existence of this child inside me means that a reversal of the world order is happening, and it will keep happening. This baby, Jesus is coming, ready or not. With God, what is small and almost unnoticed by the world is the reality.



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