Mary’s Pregnancy Journal–Entry Six

Continuing a series of entries in an imaginary journal, as we think about what might have been in the mind of Mary.

“God has shown strength with God’s arm, and has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts.”

Elizabeth tells me that God spoke, and I became the fulfillment of God’s word. I remember the story of the Creation from the synagogue: God spoke, and things happened. It’s almost as if God’s word is God’s Word, a living, breathing thing, making things happen that God decides, like when I reach out my arm and push something out of my way.

So, it’s like Elizabeth is saying that I am the arm of God. God said something, and, because of me, it is happening. This baby growing inside of me is God’s Messiah, and that means that the whole world is going to be changed because of him.

The whole world is going to be changed because of ME, because I said “yes.” I am God’s mighty arm, changing the world. Me! There are so many girls named Mary, in so many towns, all over Nazareth. Nobody would believe I am special in any way. Right this minute, the emperor in Rome and King Herod up the road in Jerusalem are both thinking about how invincible they are, how popular they are, and how there is nobody but nobody to threaten their position. They could never imagine that, just because some little Jewish girl said “yes,” they are both as good as done for. How cool is that?

I am beginning to think that God is always working on the margins. As amazing as it can be to part a sea or make walls fall down when people get noisy, maybe the real strength of God’s arm is in small things done in people the world considers to be unimportant. This is where our Maker unseats those who think they are all-powerful and untouchable, in simple, everyday, loving exchanges among simple, everyday people who can change the world. Better yet, the power of God, at work in regular people, is so undeniable, that it is as good as done when God says so

In fact, this time, it was as good as done when I said so. Little Mary from Nazareth, changing the world. Who would ever have beileived it?


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