Lent 3, 2015


“Destroy this Temple . . .”
What? An act of vandalism?
I would never do that.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
Desecrate a holy place?
I never even take coffee into church.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
But it’s an institution! A landmark!
I only have a problem with radicals, like you.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
Are you trying to bait us? To dare us?
I know the value of being reasonable, compromising.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
Why do you think I would do that?
I only bend a rule there, shade a truth there.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
Are you accusing me?
I might do a bit of polluting; maybe I turn a blind eye.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
Why won’t you let go of that?
I would, however, let my needs outweigh yours.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
What do you see when you stare though me that way?
I might . . . I might hurt you . . . I guess . . . if you wouldn’t let go.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
You really don’t get it, do you?
I would sooner destroy those who threaten it, who threaten our way of life.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
Would you stop saying that?
I would . . . I do crush people like you, push them away, to preserve what I have.

“Destroy this Temple . . .”
Will you not . . . please . . . see reason?
I don’t have to destroy, not when you destroy yourself.

“Destroy this Temple . . .

. . . and . . . in three days . . .”

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