Lent 2, 2015


Empty, desolate:
the desicated dust of desert,
the frigid, frightful frostiness . . .
My God, my God!
Oman had cooling rains this week.
In the West Michigan snow, tulips have four-centimeter sprouts.
Hope in God;
spring is coming.

TerroristsklanAnger, panicking:
intractible ideology
or vicious, vengeful violence . . .
My God, my God!
Charlie Hebdo published last week.
On a Brooklyn block, a once-dead parish gives overflowing life.
Hope in God;
love is coming.

epidemicDisease, pestilence:
emaciating epidemics,
addled, atrophied arteries . . .
My God, my God!
Ebola’s under control in West Africa.
Someone’s last Christmas leads to decades’ more living.
Hope in God;
health is coming.

schohariefrustrationAlone, unnoticed:
never-rested, numbing neediness
overwhelmed . . . overworked . . . over . . .
My God, my God!
Crowds came to Schoharie, Staten Island, New Orleans.
Helping hands grant a five-minute sabbatical.
Hope in God;
grace is coming.

Lent announces grace.
Lent calls for health.
Lent shows love.
Lent is spring.
Still broken . . . still forsaken . . . still hurting . . .
My God . . .
My God!
Hope in God.


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